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Power Posing

We know how important the things we think and say are, but let’s look at how important our body language is. You may have heard of this term before but essentially, power posing is all about the way we stand and its influence on the way we feel.

If you’ve got a big presentation coming up or an interview for a job, try to consider how your body language is speaking to others and to yourself, as well as what you are actually saying. There are different types of power poses and they all present a stance of power and confidence, such as holding your head high and lifting your chest.

Before looking into the different types, let’s look at some of the benefits that research has found from using high power poses for just two minutes.

· 8% Increase in testosterone (compared to a 10% reduction in those using low power poses)

· 25% decrease in cortisol, our stress hormone (compared to a 15% increase in those using low power poses)

So, physiologically, our bodies are reflecting the power and confidence of the pose by reducing our stress and helping us to feel more pumped up and ready for what we’re facing.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for; the types of power poses.

1. The President

a. Sit down and put your feet up on the table

b. Clasp your hands behind your head

c. Lean back in your seat and feel powerful!

2. The CEO

a. Sit down and raise your leg, resting an ankle on the opposite knee

b. Clasp your hands behind your head

c. Lean back in the seat and own that room!

3. The Performer

a. Stand upright with your feet apart

b. Puff out your chest

c. Spread your arms out and wow that crowd!

4. Take It Or Leave It

a. Stand in front of a desk and plant your hands on it

b. Lean forward towards the desk

c. Have your feet pointing towards another person in the room and score that deal!

5. The Superman (or Superwoman)

a. Stand upright with your feet apart

b. Puff out your chest

c. Place your hands on your hips and let the power surge through!

Essentially, it’s all about keeping a wide, open posture, with feet apart and chest lifted.

Next time you have an exam or interview, or you just want to walk into a room with a bit of extra oomph, try one of these power poses for just two minutes and see the difference!


Written by Senada

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