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We want to work with companies and organisations that are keen on supporting their staff with their wellbeing.  

Is this you? 

  • You would like to provide well-being support for your staff 

  • You would like to promote diversity, inclusion and well-being in the workplace  

  • You would like to provide adequate support for Black and Minority Ethnic staff 

We have a team of qualified therapists and psychologists who combine experiential and evidence-based knowledge to facilitate safe spaces to have uncomfortable conversations, improve awareness and to develop tailored action plans to support staff well-being. Our approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace involves well-being. 

Each Diversity, Inclusion & Well-being workshop or session booked with us, funds 2 Well-being Workshops for a group of 30 young people within the Black & Minority Ethnic Community in the UK.

Our Model.

Corporate Model.png

Diversity, Inclusion & Well-Being

Talks & Workshops 2021

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