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Frontline Therapist is dedicated to providing solutions to those difficulties. Helping you to no longer feel depressed, angry, hopeless and anxious.


These solutions come through mental health-friendly products and services.


We provide cultural sensitive affordable counselling remotely.

Black Minds Matter UK, are a charity and initiative with the mission to connect  Black individuals and families with free mental health services — by professional Black therapists to support their mental health.


To make this happen, they want to make mental health topics more relevant and accessible for all Black people in the U.K., removing the stigma and remodelling the services to be relevant for the Black community.


Founded in June 2020 during the height of the pandemic and during the resurgence of the Black lives matter movement their founders decided to set up a charitable fund to cover the costs of 12 week courses of therapy for the Black community.


At Harry’s, we believe in better access to mental health care.

That’s why we donate 1% of our sales to nonprofits helping men access therapy and other life-changing mental health resources.


With help from our roster of long-standing partners, we’re on track to reach 500,000 men—and donate $5 million—by 2021.

Mindwalk Yoga is a virtual well-being studio and social enterprise designing and delivering yoga, sound healing and yoga therapy for mental wellness. We are a multi-skilled team of Black female practitioners on a mission to prioritise Black women’s wellness, and we invite everyone to join our community. 

Our virtual wellbeing studio runs weekly classes open to everyone, we have an exclusive Black Women’s Wellness Collective, we run courses in yoga therapy for anxiety and yoga for imposter syndrome, we support charities and social enterprises with mental health programs, and we work with purposeful businesses to support their employees.


Paws in Work offer specialist Puppy Therapy events, alongside their Mental Health Training Courses and Workshops for companies where high-stress levels are having an increasing effect on their employees' wellbeing

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