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Fear of going back to normality

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

If you asked me for what I am most excited about when life goes back to normal post-lockdown, honestly, I haven’t thought about it much as I’ve gotten used to the way things are even though the outside has opened back up almost everywhere.

On the other hand, I guess moments of celebrations with loved ones not being restricted will be nice, rather than seeing pictures of new family members or videos of milestones. To be honest, being reunited with those I haven’t seen for a long period of time is exciting, despite communicating through social media or video calls, the time away from loved ones has made me appreciate face –to- face contact.

However, I know for some the thought of going back to normality is scary and there are doubts in terms of possibly going back to square one which is understandable. Unfortunately, lockdown for a lot of people was lonely, mentally testing and isolating time coursing a rise in depression and anxiety. I think we can all relate to being mentally tested where we had to stay within a bubble and not leave it until they told us to. With the constant fear that something bad would happen if we did, just for a moment step outside the boundaries, the government placed us in, to reduce Covid variants.

Therefore, I want to share the pros of going back to normality that is positive, to uplift those who need to be at this trying time. I just want to make it clear I’m not trying to downplay the current situation, but want to find a way to help those struggling by making suggestions that you could try to ease yourself back into normality.


- Seeing family for special occasions i.e., birthdays, weddings or Christmas which no longer limits the number of people who can attend.

- Going for meals with friends whether that be in a small or big group.

- Seeing a movie in the cinema or going to watch a production in a theatre.

If each suggestion may be too much and you’d still feel comfortable in a smaller group then that’s perfectly fine, just go at your own pace. If you’d prefer to go to events that aren’t as overcrowded that’s okay too. Even if you wanted to do something as simple as go for a coffee with a friend or a walk, doing whatever makes you happy and works for you is the most important thing. These suggestions are to highlight the fact that you will have opportunities to make memories with loved ones, with no restrictions; and you getting yourself out there again shouldn’t be dependent on the number of people or size of the venue either.

To conclude; I know for many people, that focusing on the positives during a time where there is a lot of unknows can be a challenge, as well as not knowing how to express their worries. In addition, no one should feel pressured into adjusting to normality again, as the impact lockdown has been massive and life-changing for people’s jobs, homes and wellbeing. Everyone is different and has the right to do things in their own time; the main priority is your happiness.

Written By Jessica

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