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Suicide Prevention Awareness 2018 

Suicide is the leading cause of death in young people.

Suicide Prevention Awareness is essential.

Suicide Prevention Awareness can give you the tools to save lives.


This event will give you the knowledge and understanding of how you can:

- Identify risk factors associated with suicide

- Know where to access help

- Fact and statistics about suicide

- How to help yourself or a loved one


We will also be tapping into how to improve and maintain your mental well-being and give you the opportunity to take part in evidence-based creative holistic workshops. By tuning into what you know about your past, being present and envisaging the future you can optimise your life inside out.

You will be introduced to:

1. MY FUTURE- Goal setting and vision boards

Facilitated by:

Jaja Muhammad (Inside Out UK Ambassador)


2. MY PRESENT: Mindfulness Art

Facilitated by:

Oriana Jemide (Fine Artist & Founder of Jewls of Jae)


Sabina Awuni (Artist & Founder of Make Time)


3. MY PAST: Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Facilitated by:

Lesley Mensah (Project Manger at My Runway Group)

Vanessa Boachie (Founder of Inside Out UK)


“Utilise your past, be in the present, determine your future. We need to go inside out to achieve 360° success!”

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