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INSIDE OUT UK hosted our first event of 2018...



THE INSIDE OUT PROCESS (Mental Health Panel Discussion & Networking Event)



Now is the time for us all to generate healthy conversations and to discuss Mental Health holistically!

We explored a range of factors that can effect your Mental Health and Wellbeing and share practical tips to improve your health from the Inside Out, and outside in.

We have a diverse group of Mental Health Professionals and Advocates who will be sharing their expertise on the panel to provide in-depth insight for you, no matter what stage of the journey you are at.

Our Panelists include:

- Dr Eleanor Akaho (Psychiatrist and Trainee Personal Development Coach)

- Rio Gibbs (Founder of 'Body Language')

- Inci Baysal (Psychologist)

- James Downs (Mental Health & Eating Disorders Campaigner)

- Tae Cambell (Yoga Instructor & Psychotherapist)

- Henrietta Adegoke (Cognitve Behavioural Therapist)


The topics we discussed aim to educate about improving mental and physical health in order to reduce your risk of developing mental ill health.


Want to meet Mental Health Professionals from diverse backgrounds, Advocates and people who want to improve their health? This is the event for you!

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