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Trust the process

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

We all have our moments of acting on impulse by dwelling on a temporary feeling and making a long-term decision based on that; rather than analysing whether or not the emotions we feel are just in that moment. The thought of going on a long journey to get to your final destination can seem exhausting, frustrating and questionable; because as humans we like to see quick results, as we are in a microwave generation. However, having patience and trusting in the process will make things a lot easier, trusting in the process will make things a lot easier, especially when you start to see results, you will soon realise how necessary the journey was.

I recently found myself in a similar situation, where I felt uncomfortable whilst I was in a social setting. Because of the discomfort I was feeling at that moment, my thoughts spiralled into doubts regarding the progress I have made so far on my journey of managing my anxiety.

However; since then I found myself in another social environment, where I started to feel uncertain again, but as time went on, I found myself interacting with people I hadn't met before and was actually enjoying the experience. Making me realise that what I was feeling wasn’t long lasting but for a short period of time. Sometimes it’s a matter of changing your thought process which is easier said than done; but instead of using negative language that doesn’t build you up, try more encouraging words.

A few suggestions I have on what you could do and make part of your daily routine are;

- Fill a jar with positive affirmations/quotes, and take one out each day and make that your focus for that specific day.

- Write a positive goal whether personal or professional, which you want to achieve for the day. Stick it on your mirror, and this will act as a reminder for you, to be intentional as you go about your day.

- Create a mood board of words that you strive to be or to work on being more of e.g. brave, confident and strong, that you could hang on your wall.

Positive affirmation suggestions that have helped me:

- “If you got through yesterday, you can get through today.”

- “Look up! There are so many possibilities.”

- “Do something different every day.”

- “You’re more capable than you realise.

- ”You’re doing the best you can.”

To sum this all up, the process isn’t always as smooth sailing as you’d want it be; it’s full of twists and turns. Even though they’ll be some bumps in the road, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to see how far you have come. Patience is a virtue and anything worthwhile may take some time, just trust the process!

Written by Jessica

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