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Small steps are better than no steps

When it comes to achievements, none should be labelled as too big or too small. I for one know how easy it can be to dismiss an accomplishment I’ve made, whether that being too big or too small, however it’s time to break out of that habit and highlight all moments of achievement.

As humans, we tend to have the highest expectations of ourselves and apply pressure which ends up leading to disappoint if we don’t meet them. Unfortunately, this can also have an influence on our mental health, which can then lead to anxiety or depression. As I’m not a professional in that field, it’s best to seek help that is available; I’m only speaking from experience.

If I had to answer the question “who is my toughest critic?” I’d have to say myself which I’m sure many others would say the same about themselves. The first step of self-development is realising just how hard you are on yourself. The next step is to analyse where the self-doubt stems from and what you can do in order to move forward.

Here are a few suggestions;

- Simply giving yourself a pat on the back doesn’t have to be literal

- Writing down a list of what you’ve achieved so far and ticking them off

- Create your own ‘yearly task master’ as in a mini booklet with self-reflecting questions regarding what you’ve achieved that year/overcome, what you learnt about yourself, challenges /highlights

- Saying the words ‘I’m proud of you’.

This may be easier said than done and take some time but It’s time to celebrate our wins, say no to downplaying them. You may feel as though you haven’t accomplished much but think about where you were at the beginning in comparison to now, remember small steps are better than no steps. I’ve surprised myself over the past year in terms of what I’ve achieved by helping/advising others on anxiety and although I’ve not yet reached my ultimate goal, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. Therefore, why not start off small as the feeling of acknowledging and being able to look back at how far you’ve come is fulfilling.

Written by Jessica

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