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Self-care isn’t selfish

The idea of creating time for yourself shouldn’t be seen as selfish but selfless in a way that says I can make time for others but still cater to my own needs. There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to have some ‘me time’ and also to slow down by just being. With that being said it may take just that one thing as a sign to say you need a break in order to make yourself sit back and reflect.

Two words: ‘you matter’.

What I mean by this is that your job may be at the forefront of your priorities or your friends/family, however the question is where do you come on that list of priorities? It’s easy to get lost in the midst of work and feel overwhelmed as your job may be quite demanding but you need to remember your job isn’t who you are, it's only part of what you do. As much as your physical health is important, don’t forget about your mental health as it matters too. With that being said take the time you need to have a breather.

A few suggestions I have on taking the steps needed to achieve this are;

- Create a list of tasks you have to do whether that being work-related or house-related, leave a gap to have some ‘me time’.

- Creating a spa day at home and giving yourself a nice pamper such as a face mask or something simple as like a nice hot bath.

- Another is having a day dedicated to doing something you enjoy this could be watching your favourite movie, cooking your favourite meal, putting on your most comfortable clothes e.g. pyjamas.

I’ve recently had this exact feeling of guilt in terms of something so simple such as buying myself a new pair of shoes, which I questioned at first whether or not I should be doing this, but from conversations with others my main argument was that “I never treat myself to anything I want, only what I need”. When I say self-care, I wasn’t referring to materialistic items, although this is also a form of self-care as in working hard and reaping the benefits.

It’s all about finding that balance. It's not easy but it’s worth a try, the same way you manage to keep on top of all your work I’m sure you can schedule in time for yourself. Lastly, don’t forget that you’re human before anything else and sometimes you have to put yourself first; no matter how difficult that may be.

Written by Jessica

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