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Lockdown easing & anxiety

How I feel about lockdown now in comparison to how I felt at the beginning is a big

difference. The thought of seeing the outside world and doing something as simple as going

to my local supermarket was a massive struggle for me. I literally created my own bubble

inside a bubble, which I didn't know how to get out of. I was so busy focusing on how to cope

with being stuck inside by working on my physical health which also helped with my mental


I decided that I wanted to set myself a bit of a routine so started each morning with a

30 minute workout to get mentally prepared for rest of the day. Then would think of a way to

keep my creativity going, by writing a new song every other day. During this time of

being at home I was doing a maths course which went from being in a classroom to online.

Having to figure out what each day was going to look like became my new norm which

distracted me from the outside. This was until I planned to take a walk to my local

supermarket which saw my anxiety get the best of me. To my surprise it was the thought of

bursting my newly formed bubble that scared me the most. However, with a little

encouragement I made my way out the door, a little on edge, but it was needed. Another moment was going back to work alongside other people who I hadn’t seen for a long period of time - another scary thought. Leaving my bubble to be in a new bubble, a new setup,

and a different environment; luckily that didn't take long to adjust to.

So at the beginning I said there was a difference from then to now? Yes, I couldn't wait for April 12th to come; my mind-set changed and I felt more positive. I went from being anxious to feeling excited to make plans with others to see the outside world again.

A suggestion I can make in terms of dealing with the easing of lockdown is to consider how to cope in certain environments.

Social environment

- If the idea of meeting up with more than one person in a group scenario is

overwhelming then start off by meeting with one person which is a good way to ease

you back into socialising with others outside.


Retail environment

- Being in an overcrowded space whilst shopping can be a lot to handle for many after

having not gone to a retail store for a significant amount of time. So why not take a

trip to somewhere possibly local as a start even if it’s just to browse for a couple


Hospitality environment

- Going out to eat with friends or family should be an enjoyable experience however if

being amongst others seems a little daunting as it’s been a while why not find

somewhere spacious and not overcrowded.

It’s all about finding a balance and figuring out what works for you. Although I'm not

completely sure how my mind changed, one thing I do know is that you have to sometimes

break the cycle to see different results.

Written By Jessica

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